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Pentax MX 35mm Manual Camera


Film type:

Image size:



Asahi Pentax, Japan 1976

35mm standard cassette

24mm x 36mm

K mount bayonet

B thru 1/1000th sec


The Pentax M series is the upmarket version of the Pentax K1000. Any photography student would have used a K1000 by default (I'm sure K stands for Kingswood - meaning rugged durable and impervious to a few dings and dents from learner drivers).

I have had two different Pentax M series bodies. An MEsuper and this MX. They have both been as rugged and reliable as a K1000. Howver the much better coloured dot exposure metering system allows for lowlight photography and is very intuitive. The MX has an auto setting for aperture priority - besides that, its all manual.

The M series cameras uses K-bayonet mount lenses, and the best lens is the stock standard 50mm Pentax (it is definately worth getting the 1:1.7 not the 1:2.4 just for that extra f-stop).

I went through a stage of doing black and white rock & roll photography in sweating jostling crowded pubs and venues, and my Pentax took thousands and thosands of shots never skipping a beat or even needing a new battery.

While Nikon gear would be great, I've had Pentax gear around forever. If photography paid my bills rather than creating them, then it might be worth changing - but no need just now.

This Pentax MX with 50mm 1:1.7 cost $220 AUD second hand (about $100 US, £70 GBP)


Buying Tips:

I'd go to a camera dealer to get one of these models. Its worth noting that there are many other types of camera of the same quality and age that will do the same thing for the same price. Consider what other accesories you have if any, will they fit, and how expensive are they. Put a test roll of film through it as soon as you can.


More Information:

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